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Info-Energetic Laser Urology
Laser Energy Therapy of Prostate Gland

Info-Energetic Laser Therapy is highly effective in solving disorders of the prostate gland.

Prostatitis, prostate hypertrophy, prostate adenoma as well as prostate cancers are all effectively treated with the help of info-energetic laser therapy. Therefore, it means that info-energetic laser therapy helps avoid surgical operations for prostate disorders and their complications too.

An echography of the prostate gland and urinary bladder is done before and after a course of treatment for pre- and post-treatment diagnostic purposes. In-treatment echography may also be done upon need.

Usually, a course of info-energetic laser therapy consists of 10 to 21 sessions, depending upon the severity of the case. Treatment can be carried out on a basis of one session per day or three sessions in a week till the end of the course. The severity of the case determines the frequency and the number of laser treatment sessions given.

There are no contra-indications and no harmful side-effects in info-energetic laser therapy of the prostate gland disorders.

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