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Info-Energetic Therapy In Traumatology & Orthopaedics

Indications to Info-Energetic Therapy In Traumatology & Orthopaedics:

  1. Thermal injuries (burns) - solar burns, flame burns, scald burns (scalding bathwater for children and scalding liquids thrown maliciously), burns from heat contact, chemical burns, electrical burns.

  2. Burn shock.

  3. Common early burn complications - oedema, respiratory tract complications (upper airway obstruction from oedema, carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation syndrome, pulmonary oedema).

  4. Common late burn complications - infection, Curling's ulcer, scars - usual & hypertrophic (cheloids), contractures, Marjolin's ulcer, emotional stress.

  5. Cold injuries - injury similar to burns (frostbite injuries), esp. for feet, nose, ears and hands.

  6. Hand problems - congenital deformities, acquired disorders of traumatic origin - laceration of the skin and flexor and extensor tendons, nerve injuries, blood vessel injuries, replantation of amputated digits, fractures and dislocations, burns, inflammatory conditions - septic (infected conditions like acute paronychia, folliculitis, carbuncles, furuncles, subcutaneous abscesses, lymphangitis, lymphadenitis, haematogenous septic arthirits) and non-septic (aseptic tenosynovitis, Entrapment syndromes: Trigger finger caused by entrapment of digital flexor tendons in proximal portion of fibrous tendon sheath; Trigger thumb caused by entrapment of long flexor tendon to thumb; De Quervain's disorder (compression of abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis tendon near radial styloid process); and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (compression of median nerve by transverse carpal ligament), degenerative changes - Heberden's nodes (most common form of degenerative change in the hand), tumours and tumour-like conditions - Dupuytren's contracture, benign formations: ganglia, epidermal cysts, mucous cysts, xanthomas, lipomas, enchondromas, glomus tumours, neurilemomas, malignant formations - squammous cell or epidermoid carcinoma, melanoma.

  7. Nasal trauma (the nasal bone is most commonly fractured bone in the body) - fracture of the nasal septum, saddle deformity of the nose, deviation of the nasal septum, digital trauma causing septal perforation, epistaxis (nasal bleeding).

  8. Fractures of facial bones involving the maxilla, mandibula and frontal sinuses.

  9. Fractures of temporal bones - transverse and longitudinal.

  10. Laryngeal fractures.

  11. Diseases with inflammation, degeneration, dystrophy and deformations of the vertebral column, including fractures of the vertebrae and osteochondrosis.

  12. Intervertebral disc hernia.

  13. Lumbalgia.

  14. Sciatica (radicular syndrome - unilateral or bilateral).

  15. Traumatic lesions of joints.

  16. Inflammatory, degenerative and dystrophic diseases of joints.

  17. Deforming spondylosis.

  18. Spondylo-arthrosis.

  19. Kyphosis.

  20. Scoliosis.

  21. Fractures of the tubular and flat bones.

  22. Neuro-dystrophic syndromes.

  23. Contractures.

  24. Tendo-vaginitis.

  25. Arthralgias.

  26. Myalgias.

  27. Myositis.

  28. Heel sores.

  29. Joint dislocations.

  30. Traumatic lesions of tendons.

  31. Musculo-ligamentous dysergia.

  32. Haemarthrosis.

  33. Lesions of the meniscus, etc.

  34. Numerous orthopaedic conditions not necessarily listed above, but included in one of the several categories of orthopaedic disorders, such as congenital and developmental, infectious and inflammatory, traumatic, metabolic, neoplastic, neuromuscular, degenerative, mechanical and postural, idiopathic.


An Approach To Info-Energetic Therapy In Traumatology & Orthopaedics:

The patient who seeks the advice and help of a traumatologist/ orthopaedist usually complains of one or more of the following:

  1. something feels wrong (pain, numbness, tenderness);

  2. something looks wrong (deformity, limp. bump);

  3. something moves wrong (limp, weakness, stiffness, instability).

All these complaints can be tackled with the help of different forms of info-energetic therapy - surgical and/or therapeutic.

Pain can be eliminated very effectively with info-energetic therapy alone or in combination with magnetotherapy and/or analgesic therapy (administration of pain-killers).

Deformities and malfunctioning can be eliminated with an expert combination of laser surgery and info-energetic therapy. In some cases, info-energetic therapy may be an adequate form of treatment, without the help of any kind of surgery, where on the contrary surgical interventions may worsen the case. It is up to the specialist to decide together with an expert in info-energetic medicine. If the traumtologist/orthopaedist knows info-energetic medicine, it will be a big advantage to the patient.

If the disorder is localized, complaints (pain, oedema, etc.) often remain in the involved part. In such cases, info-energetic treatment can be administered locally for rapid recovery.

However, if pain is referred to a remote site, e.g. knee pain from hip disease. Then the hip disease as well as the knee pain should be treated equally with info-energetic methods.

A lesion that irritates a peripheral nerve produces pain in the area supllied by the nerve, e.g. pain in the lower extremity from a herniated lumbar intervertebral disk. In this case, the herniated disk should be treated with laser as well as the irritated nerve for full rehabilitation.

In the neck, middle and lower back as well as extremities, protective muscle contaction frequently produces symptoms at a distance from the disease. The localized lesion(s) as well as the contracted muscle(s) are acted upon with info-energetic therapy, thus giving maximum efficacy.

The Distinguished Effects Of Laser Info-Energetic Therapy In Traumatologic & Orthopaedic Cases:

  1. Laser info-energetic therapy causes resorption of damaged and degenerated bone cells and tissues.
  2. Laser info-energetic therapy causes regeneration of new bone cells and tissues.
  3. Laser info-energetic therapy causes restructurization of bones.
  4. Laser info-energetic therapy acts similarly in the case of cartilagineous tissues.
  5. Laser info-energetic therapy causes repair of nerves and therefore enhances functional rehabilitation.

According to point 1, excessive bone formations (osteophytes) and deformations as well as vertebral bone clipping can be eliminated with laser info-energetic therapy.

According to point 2, whole bone structures have got the chance to get renewed.

According to point 3, whole bone structures have got the opportunity to get restructurized.

According to point 4, cartilage tissues can equally be restored.

According to point 5, it would not be enough to restore bones and cartilages where nerves have also got impaired. So, global restoration of function is possible due to the regenerative effects of laser info-energetic therapy on nerve tissues.

Improvement in nerve function due to laser info-energetic therapy helps improve the status of the locally damaged bone and cartilage tissues. This is not only due to the removal of the damaged and degenerated bone and cartilage tissues and regeneration of new ones, but also because of elimination of inflammation, including oedema and dysfunction, thus causing an improvement  in neuro-humoral control over the region, and finally reaching adequate over-all functional rehabilitation. 

The latest development in laser info-energetic medicine, known as intelligent biofeedback laser info-energetic therapy, have helped to restore local body functions and general health state due to the "stimulated" involvement of the brain (CNS) in the processes of repair and structural as well as functional restoration. These developments have been possible due to the latest innovations in info-energetic medicine regarding the construction of intelligent biofeedback lasers by Prof. Pretidev Ramdawon conjointly with Russian and Lithuanian laser-manufacturing companies.

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