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Knowledge is important to improve your health & quality of life!

Learn more about your own body and disease, conventional and unconventional methods of treatment.

Explore the Universe of "Information Energy Medicine" - the real medicine of tomorrow, a cutting edge rapidly developing science.


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"Search For What Is New & Effective In Modern Medicine"

"Change Your Strategies In Your Search For Cure"


"Sun, The Generator And Regulator Of All Life On Earth"

Should you learn to live with your disease

or fight it till it's no more?

A person is suffering from a severe and hardly treatable chronic disease. This disease is giving a series of serious complications. The best conventional methods of drug therapy and surgery can't get this person out of this tragic situation.

What does this person have to do? To live or learn to live with his disease and suffer during the rest of his life?

Or never to give up and to fight his disease with even more determination. Find out about the so-called "unconventional" methods of treatment which could perhaps, alone or in combination with conventional methods, help him get an improvement or a total recovery.

Try to get a maximum of information about the method from the internet, then read books, journals and magazines.

So, you will have to make the necessary efforts yourself and find out what is right for you and what could perhaps help improve your health and life.

Albert Einstein

"There are two ways to look at life. One is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is."
Albert Einstein

Therapeutic Red Laser

A brief introduction...

Information energy medicine comprises the latest, most advanced, ultra-modern, scientific, and highly technological methods which have proven their high efficacy in daily medical practice at medical centres specialized in this kind of medicine. Especially in Russia, doctors have been using information energetic medical methods with great success in the futuristic field of cosmic medicine since more than 40 years.

These therapies have proven their high efficacy as they have been used over almost four decades for restoring the health of cosmonauts, Kremlin VIPs and many others.

Some of these therapies are only now being revealed to the Western world as they were jealously guarded as secret achievements of the medical world of the Soviet Union.

The academy keeps an awareness on all major developments in information energy medicine in the Eastern and Western world and helps our knowledge and medical services to be at the cutting edge of bio-medical sciences.

The academy is actively involved in constantly perfecting the methodological developments of the "medicine of the future", which are gladly put at the service of mankind for the latter's benefit.

Therefore, bearing your interest in mind for your health and life, you are most heartily welcome to the wonderful universe of information energetic medicine where harmless physical (based on natural laws and giving no harmful side-effects) electromagnetic factors, e.g visible (color) and invisible (infrared) light, constant and pulsed magnetic fields in proper combination with digitalized phytotherapy (herbal medicine), informatized ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy as well as modern allopathy are used for fighting disease, restoring human health, inducing rapid rejuvenation and maintaining life at a pleasantly livable level.

Take the benefits of information energy medicine as soon as you need to restore your health. Don't lose time because time is the greatest healing factor!

But, on the other hand, don't wait too long so that time does not turn out to be your killing factor!

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International Academy of Information Energy Medicine
The Future of Mankind Lies In Info-Energetic Bio-Reconstruction!