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Info-Energetic Laser Therapy In Neurology

Info-Energetic Laser Therapy Indications In Neurology:

1. neuritis;
2. neuralgias;
3. tunnel syndrome;
4. osteochondrosis of the vertebral column with a radicular syndrome;
5. radiculitis;
6. traumatic lesions of nerve endings;
7. lumbago;
8. lumbo-sacral radiculitis;
9. thoracic radiculitis;
10. vertebral insufficiency;
11. asthenic states of various etiologies;
12. neuroses of various etiologies;
13. astheno-neurotic syndrome;
14. depressive states of various etiologies.
15. Multiple Sclerosis
16. Parkinson's Disease
17. Cranial Nerve Disorders
18. Peripheric Neuropathies
19. Chronic Myopathies & Muscular Dystrophies
20. Other degenerative and inflammatory disorders of the nervous system.

                                                                  Intelligent biofeedback laser therapy (IBLT) provides with significant relief in practically all cases of severe neurological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, hemiplegia, tetraplegia, paraplegia, parkinson's disease and others, thus basically predetermining a marked improvement in the patient's behaviour and life-style.

Intelligent biofeedback laser therapy

The latest improvement in laser therapeutic procedure provides therapies in the management of neuroses of different etiologies, being much more effective and promising than the traditionally used acupuncture techniques or basic laser devices. This is due to the fact that such patients have quite severe disorders in the vegetative nervous system and their pain threshold is very low. In such cases, the most effective way of acting upon the acupuncture points would be through a concentrated light beam, especially upon the auricular, scalp, cervical and footplant ones, but with a whole intelligent biofeedback system!

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