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VIP Laser Clinic - Mauritius
The Paradise Island of Mauritius
Mark Twain has said: "God first created Mauritius, then only He made Paradise as a copy of Mauritius".

Mauritius is a small but very beautiful island found in the Indian Ocean, and is well-known for its very friendly and welcoming population, excellent touristic resort, sugar, tea and textile productions. Its sugar and textile productions range among the first two or three best ones in the world, in spite of its very small territory.

Five historical things for which Mauritius is famous:

  1. The Dodo, a fat and docile bird, unique in the world, and now extinct. Supposedly, the Dutch ate them all when they landed in Mauritius.
  2. The Blue Stamps of Mauritius, also unique in the world and each one of them costing a whole treasure.
  3. The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden of Mauritius, one of the three best botanical gardens in the world.
  4. The seven-coloured earth at Chamarel.
  5. Sugar from sugar cane.

    (Please see rotation of photos above).

Mauritius is also famous for big fish games, like the Blue Marlin. Its blue lagoons and white sand beaches are considered among the cleanest and loveliest in the whole world.

Mauritius is now amongst the first in the group of recently developed countries due to its intensive industrial and technological development, especially in the fields of textile products and information technology.

Health service, both public and private, are developing rapidly and the best medical technologies, such as computer tomography scanning (CT Scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac catheterization and open heart surgery, renal transplantation, brain surgery, etc. are already well established in this small country, thus making it possible to meet the challenges of the third millennium, where industrialization is a constant danger to the health of millions of people.

At the same time, Mauritius has become a leading centre for the development of medical laser technologies, and can boast of one of the best medical laser services in the world, based upon international experience, at the world-known International Centre of Touristic Medicine (ICTM) where patients come from all over the world to receive medical treatment.

Today, Mauritius has become a model to be copied and learned from for many developing and recently developed countries. For the highly developed ones, Mauritius remains a paradise, non-copiable in itself.

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