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Bioresonance Laser Info-Energetic Therapy of Diabetes Mellitus

Work first presented at North American Laser Therapy Association Conference, Rockville, Washington D.C., October, 1999

Lecture/Workshop on Laser Diabetology.

Chairperson: Pretidev Ramdawon - 4th World Association for Laser Therapy Congress,

Tokyo (Tsukuba), Japan,

Abstracts Book, p. 83, June 27-30, 2002.





"Treated To Live A Normal Life Without Exogenous Insulin Or Hypoglycemic Tablets"


M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.

Professor of Medicine




197, avenue des Flamants, Morc. Safeland, Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius


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Diabetes Mellitus is an extremely devastating disease that gives many serious complications and its definite cure has not been known since it has ever been nosologically classified. In order to have an idea about its propagation around the world, we find that only in the USA, approximately 16 million people are currently suffering from diabetes mellitus. Of these 16 millions, approximately one million have Type I diabetes, 7 millions are diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and 8 millions have Type II diabetes but have not been diagnosed with the disease [1]. Diabetes Mellitus and its complications consume 15 % of the annual U.S. healthcare budget, thus showing its extreme seriousness and costliness. According to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, "scientists predict a worldwide diabetes epidemic: by the year 2 010, they estimate that 220 million people will suffer from diabetes mellitus, which is more than double the number affected today" [2]. The number of Americans with diabetes has increased nearly by 700 % in the last 40 years, leading the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to call it the "epidemic of our time" [2]. Left untreated, diabetes can bring about life-threatening complications, such as blindness, kidney disease, nerve damages, heart disease, cerebral stroke, etc. [3]. Understanding the severity of the tenacious human struggle against this "sweet" problem, NASA has rightly joined the fight against diabetes mellitus. It is growing human insulin crystals on Space Shuttle missions to a quality that has not been achieved on Earth. It has been proclaimed that X-ray defraction crystallization has provided a more precise structural view of insulin molecules that could lead to new insulin therapies through an improved control over the effective rate of release of insulin into the blood stream. NASA does not have a diabetes research program, but it is conducting research that could have an impact on the fight against diabetes [4]. However, the production of some new "spatial" kind of insulin does not seem to promise the liberation of the human race from diabetes. Introducing this new insulin or any other one into the sick human body will definitely not free the person from diabetes mellitus because of a lack of consideration of the etio-pathogenetic causes involved in the manifestation of this disease. Instead, we have to find out methods that will act on the human organism so as to change cellular, tissue, organ and systemic functioning in such a way that the blood sugar level be restored to its normal values and complications due to diabetes mellitus disappear. This is possible today, not with pharmacological preparations, like hypoglycemic injections or tablets, but with bioresonance information quantum methods that can remind the human body of the lost information (due to the development of pathology) needed to function properly, and further supply the energy required for the energy-depleted organism to restore its physiological functions to their normal values and thus eradicate disease.


Following the etio-pathogenetic approach in the therapeutic management of any pathological process, and being armed with the latest information and practical experience in the newly-developing and very promising field of bioresonance information laser medicine, thereby arose the obvious aim to elaborate a highly effective method of treatment for insulin-dependent diabetes (IDD) or Type I diabetes and non-insulin-dependent diabetes (NIDD) or Type II diabetes with the application of bioresonance information laser method of treatment, which involves the complex integrative use of low-level laser irradiation (LLLI), microwave resonance puncture (MRP) and light-emitting diode chromatotherapy (LEDCT) that would free diabetic patients from life-long insulin injections or hypoglycemic tablets and enable them to lead a normal life with a normal or not severely restrained diet.


Surgical and chemotherapeutical methods of treatment have shown themselves to be not fully effective in eradicating the "sugar" disease. Laser medicine, being one of the main fields of quantum medicine, is constantly showing its growing effective-ness in treating diseases from practically all fields of medicine. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been initially developed in order to supply with energy the sick human organism so that the latter could fight back disease. However, some time later, the "resonance absorption phenomenon" was discovered during the application of LLLT [5, 6, 7, 8] as well as MRT [15]. The "resonance absorption phenomenon" has been developed as a conceptual approach for direct influence on the organism at the atomo-molecular level since the early days of LLLT application (T. Karu, 1989). Some evidences have been found in advantage of this model of laser therapy:
1. "In vitro" experiments with quantitative spectroscopic investigations have shown the "resonance character" of low-energy laser irradiation on various cells, depending upon the wavelength, dosage and power density of irradiation. For red and near infrared spectral ranges, the biostimulating effect is realized at the molecular level (V.A. Grimblatov, A.A. Losev, 1989).
2. In spite of the diversity of therapeutic effects of low-energy laser bio-activation, most of them are of a secondary nature. For example, the neuro-reflectory changes (changes in the psycho-physiological condition of the human being, functional activity of the central and peripheral nervous system, etc.) as reactions to laser therapy are secondary effects, which are caused by intra-cellular metabolic changes (A.S. Kryuk et al., 1986). Endocrine reactions are also secondary in nature as laser therapy does not apparently cause the direct photo-activation of hormones [8, 9, 10].

LLLT can be performed in the form of bioresonance information laser therapy as it is, first of all, giving no harmful side-effects, and secondly, it can be modulated into a proper form of highly effective therapy used to eliminate pathological vibrations in any part of the human body as well as strengthen the healthy ones. As any pathological process starts in cells, tissues, organs or systems upon loss of memory from the corresponding bio-structures and consecutive development of disorders in the range of their oscillations which are biophysical manifestations of their normal metabolic processes. Therefore, it would be essential to normalize the range of oscillations that would help restore the memory apparatus of sub-cellular, cellular and more composite bio-structures, and consequently, their metabolism to normal values. In order to achieve such results in therapy, it is primordial to select those frequency parameters of LLLI that would be close or similar to the frequencies of the oscillatory processes of non-affected cells, tissues, organs or systems. Thus, a "bioresonance effect" is caused to occur in the previously altered functional system of an organ with a characteristic range of frequencies for itself due to the therapeutically acting frequencies of LLLI. Obviously, such a coincidence of frequency characteristics causing the bioresonance effect will lead to an accelerated restoration of physiological functions, and later, of structures of the affected organs if these have not still entered into any irreversible process.

Bioresonance information laser therapy can be carried out in various ways, e.g. laserpuncture, chakra (energy center) laser therapy, transcutaneous, transorganic, intracavitary, intravenous and other methods of influence. The laser beam, consisting of red and infrared laser rays, is modulated into a bioresonance form, which is normally achieved by irradiating the laser beam at a variable impulse regimen starting from 1 Hz to normally not more than 1000 Hz, depending upon the targeted results. The key element in the bio-activating effect of LLLT is the activation of enzymes, leading to an intensification of bio-energetic and biosynthetic processes in cells [11, 12, 13, 14]. The activation of bio-energetic enzymes leads to an increase in the level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and other biologically active substances. Accordingly, the time-period of the main enzymatic processes does not exceed 10-3 - 10-2 sec. Therefore, the minimal interval between impulses of laser irradiation should not be less than 10-3 sec, which corresponds to the frequency range not exceeding 1000 Hz so as not to interfere with the already started enzymatic reactions [6, 7].

Therefore, LLLT, MRT and LEDCT was performed in a group of diabetic patients of varying age in order to confirm the results and expectations of earlier experimentations in the fields of diabetology and quantum medicine. The results of our experimental and clinical studies in these fields of medicine as well as pathologic anatomy and physiology have led us to believe that any disease is reversible, depending upon the functional level and the extent of organic damage of the concerned organ(s) or system(s).



Diabetes mellitus was successfully treated with the use of low-energy laser in 60 clinical cases, with children from the age of 3.5 years till 15 years of age, adolescents and adults with a maximal age of 76 years. The average age of the patients was 45.5 years. Control groups of patients consisted of 3 patients for each age group.

Helium-Neon (630 nm), LED Red (630-750 nm), and laser and LED infrared (850, 860-960 nm) low-energy quantum beams were applied simultaneously (separately on different zones or in combination on the same areas) or separately at different times on different parts of the body. LLLT and LEDCT were performed transorganally, intravenously, transcutaneously in reflex zones and upon acupuncture points (laser-puncture) with the help of Russian-made quantum therapy apparatuses "MILTA", "RIQTA", "MILTA-KVTch", "AZOR", and "ADEPT".

In fact, LLLT formed part of a complex, but synergistic method of treatment, which is actually known as magneto-infrared-laser therapy (MILT). This form of therapy involves the influence of a constant magnetic field and LED red and infrared light irradiation, which help the infrared laser irradiation to attain penetration depths of 10 to 13 cm in the bio-tissues. This penetrative ability of the LLLI in the tissues through a complex but synergistically acting quanto-magnetic field assures the success of application of the treatment method for such internal organs as the liver and pancreas, which are directly responsible for the development and manifestation of diabetes mellitus.

Apart from MILT, other bioresonance information energy methods of treatment, such as MRT and MRT combined with LEDCT were also applied. The combined application of MRT and LEDCT was realized with the help of the "Polyfactor Apparatus for Quantum Therapy", known as "PAQT-02L" and manufactured in Russia by the Human Information Technologies Design and Production State Enterprise MILTA "PKP GIT", which is the conversion filial of the world-famous Russian State Cosmic Industry. However, LLLT has been aimed as the major form of treatment in this complex therapeutical approach, where LEDCT and MRT were applied as complementary, but useful and energo-harmonizing methods of therapy.

Control tests of the blood sugar level were done before and after each session of such multifactorial therapy. Energo-functional control of the concerned organs and systems before, during and after the treatment courses was effected with the help of computerized electro-meridian scanning (CEMS) or electro-acupuncture method according to Dr. R. Voll (EAV).

Treatment was essentially carried out in the morning during a fasting regimen of the patients. Moreover, morning sessions of MILT, MRT and LEDCT as well as other forms of energy therapy are more effective and cause a harmonizing influence on the central and vegetative nervous systems of the human organism, apparently being more compatible with biorhythmic changes in the body.

The period of treatment was from two weeks till 3 months, and in persistent cases, it was prolonged till 4-5 months, and in an isolated case till 7 months. The average number of laser treatment sessions was between 9 and 36 in the majority of cases, and in persistent ones - between 40 and 80 in all. The number of laser and combined quantum treatment sessions, amounting to more than 15 or 20, were broken down into treatment courses with an interval of not less than one month in between.


Amongst those patients who used hypoglycemic tablets, there were 2 adolescents and 18 adults with no children in this subgroup, whereas amongst those using actraphane insulin, there were 5 children, 6 adolescents and 29 adults.

All patients, using actraphane insulin or hypoglycemic tablets, could stop all their anti-diabetic medications by the 6th. week of laser treatment.

As a rule, significant falls by 50 till 200 mg/100 ml (average being 160 mg/100 ml) in the blood sugar level were observed after each session of laser and combined treatment in 98.46 % of cases, except for those extreme cases of diabetes where the hyperglycemic level persisted after the treatment session in 1.54 % of cases. However, in later treatment courses, these resistant patients also reacted positively to their treatment after having crossed a certain threshold value, and finally attained recovery.

Complications due to diabetes, such as various pain syndromes, diabetic cardio-myopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, diabetic foot with ulcers and angiopathic changes as well as obesity disappeared practically completely and even impaired erectile function was restored up to the male patient's satisfaction and surprise. It should be noted that in three cases where surgical intervention in the form of plastic surgery for skin grafting was performed for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, no satisfactory results were obtained. However, treatment with MILT, MRT and LEDCT during a period of 3 to 6 weeks resulted into complete recovery of the diabetic ulcers with full soft tissue regeneration and restoration of local blood circulation.

In all cases, independent of the type of diabetes, where the patients observed all the recommendations given to them, the blood sugar level was normalized completely, and the patients don't need any more insulin or hypoglycemic tablets. More than 60 % of them could return to a normal alimentary regimen, eating and drinking sweet products in reasonable amounts. The rest (40 %) of the patients had to observe certain diet restrictions, but they did not have to take any medications for maintaining a normal life.

In all 9 control patients who underwent the complex treatment for diabetes mellitus, there was no apparent side effect. Though the blood sugar level was initially within the normal range (60-120 mg/100 ml) for these control patients, a normalizing and stabilizing effect of quantum therapy upon the blood sugar level was noted. The blood sugar level had the tendency to go and stabilize in the range of 60 to 90 mg/100 ml. Moreover, an improvement in general health condition as well as in digestive processes was observed in these control patients. In four of them, unstability of gastro-intestinal functions, including constipation and flatulence, disappeared upon administration of laser treatment.


It is true that the follow-up is only a short-term one, i.e. for a period of not more than seven years in all. In any case, neither a recurrence of pathological hyperglycemia nor another apparent manifestation of diabetes mellitus has been reported in any of the patients treated by the method of bioresonance information laser therapy.


The first most important conclusion made during this clinical study is that even in advanced cases of diabetes mellitus, the pancreas retains its ability to restore the functional possibilities of its tissues as well as their regeneration, specifically the insulin-producing â-cells of the Islets of Langerhans. Otherwise, without the functional restoration and structural regeneration of these islet cells, it would have been impossible to bring down the blood glucose level to normal values without the use of any hypoglycemic medications. It should be well noted that the common thought, that it is impossible for the pancreas to restore its function and morphology in case of diabetes mellitus, has definitely come to an end in the history of this disease and mankind.

Secondly, it has been ascertained from this study that the quantum energy of laser rays is capable of stimulating and causing the regeneration of pancreatic tissues, including the â-cells of the Islets of Langerhans, even in advanced disease states.

Thirdly, the "resonance phenomenon" of the bioresonance information laser therapy method is effective in "reminding" the pancreas of its normal oscillatory functional obligations, which are essential in eliminating disease (diabetes mellitus) and restoring its normal physiological function and structural configuration to the maximum of the reversibility of the pathological process.

Fourthly, the bioresonance information laser therapy method is effective in treating diabetes mellitus at all its stages, except for terminal stages when structural and functional pathological changes acquire an irreversible character.

Fifthly, this complex bioresonance information laser method of treatment, with the central application of low-energy laser irradiation, gives much better results than those obtained till now with the help of surgical methods (transplantation of the pancreas â-cells) or therapeutical ones (use of hypoglycemic agents - tablets or exogenous insulin injections).

Sixthly, this bioresonance method of laser therapy can be used in combination with therapeutic or surgical methods of treatment, especially with or after transplantation of the pancreas cells in order to improve the results of treatment of diabetes mellitus in medical centres, which have institutionalized such methods as the transplantation of the pancreatic â-cells.

Seventhly, this complex, but integrative method of treatment of diabetes mellitus shows its advantages in comparison to other till-now existing methods of treatment, which are its absence of any harmful side-effects, non-invasiveness, its higher efficacy and its significantly lower costs.

Eighthly, the ability to cure both insulin-dependent diabetes (IDD) and non-insulin-dependent diabetes (NIDD) makes bio-resonance information laser therapy an outstanding and revolutionary method of treatment, unequalled in time and action, and symbolizing a promising step forward into the new millennium for the whole humanity.

Finally, the bioresonance information laser therapy method of diabetes mellitus represents a major "break-through" in diabetology, as it is the first therapeutic technique known today to have provided a genuine and scientifically-based complete cure of this devastating disease.


The bioresonance information laser method of treatment of diabetes mellitus is recommended for wide application in the treatment of diabetic patients suffering from insulin-dependent (Type I) and non-insulin dependent (Type II) forms of the disease at its various stages.
This method is further recommended for the treatment of diabetic patients suffering from various diabetic complications.

The laser quantum method of treatment of diabetes mellitus can be safely and effectively used to treat diabetic patients suffering parallelly from diseases of other systems, e.g. cardiovascular, renal, nervous, musculo-skeletal, etc.

The strong scientific belief prevails here that the further development and perfection of this highly effective and completely secure method of bioresonance laser quantum therapy of diabetes mellitus will bring us to better results of treatment in a relatively shorter time-period amongst the world-wide existing many millions of diabetics. Therefore, further well-targeted experimental and clinical investigations should be intensively carried out in this unique field of quantum diabetology for the sake of the present and future generations of mankind and the creation of a diabetes-free world.


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