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Info-Energetic Laser Therapy In Surgery

1. open and post-operative wounds and scars;

2. wounds which are not getting healed for a long time;
3. post-traumatic ulcers;
4. burns with transplantation;
5. effects of extreme cold upon tissues;
6. bed sores;
7. purulent and destructive diseases of the lungs and pleura;
8. infiltrates;
9. abscesses;
10. phlegmons;
11. osteomyelitis;
12. purulent cholangitis;
13. liver cyrrhosis;
14. ulcerous forms of allergical vasculitis;
15. vascular diseases of the lower limbs: thrombophlebitis,
obliterative endarteriitis, obliterative atherosclerosis,
varicose veins of the lower limbs.
16. trophic ulcers due to complications of varicose veins;
17. epicondylitis;
18. bursitis;
19. osteo-arthrosis;
20. humero-scapular peri-arthritis;
21. Raynaud's disease;
22. Takayasu's disease;
23. Syndrome of the "aortic arch", etc.

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