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Indications To Laser Info-Energetic Therapy
Laser Therapy


A wide number of diseases can be treated with the help of information energetic therapy, and the range of applications of such a highly effective therapy is increasing day by day, the increase being directly proportional to the constantly rising number of positive experimental and clinical results obtained in this very specific and promising field of medicine.

1. chronic rhinitis (catarrhal, subatrophic, vasomotor,
2. acute and chronic sinusitis;
3. haimoritis;
4. frontitis;
5. angina;
6. chronic tonsillitis;
7. acute and chronic pharyngitis (subatrophic, catarrhal,
8. acute medial, external diffuse, chronic purulent otitis;
9. hypertrophic laryngitis;
10. chronic laryngo-tracheitis;
11. Meniere's disease and otosclerosis;
12. Tympanoplasty, etc.

1. gingivitis;
2. stomatitis;
3. alveolitis;
4. pain syndromes after tooth canal plumbing;
5. pulpitis;
6. parodontosis;
7. peri-odontitis;
8. odontogenic inflammatory processes of the maxillo-facial zone;
9. neuritis of the facial and trigeminal nerves;
10. tunnel syndrome;
11. arthritis and arthrosis of the temporo-mandibular joint;
12. fractures of the maxilla and mandibula.


1. acute and chronic bronchitis;
2. acute and chronic pneumonias;
3. chronic non-specific lung diseases;
4. bronchial asthma;
5. pulmonitis;
6. pleuritis.

1. undrained abscess of the lung;
2. undrained purulent pleuritis.

It is important to note that the use of information energetic therapy makes it possible to carry out complex treatment of pulmonary patients on the basis of mono-antibioticotherapy. It is also possible to combine with other physiotherapeutical procedures such as massage, vibration massage, barometric camera, inhalation, etc. The dose of medications used for inhalations parallelly should be decreased, e.g. the dose of broncholytic preparations should be decreased by 2 - 4 times after 3 - 5 sessions.

The application of information energetic therapy in a complex therapy brings to the normalisation of clinical, laboratory and radiological data, as well as that of the immunological status of the patient already after 10 - 21 sessions.

1. peptic ulcers
2. duodenal ulcers;
3. chronic gastritis;
4. gastro-duodenitis;
5. bulbitis (inflammation of the duodenal bulb);
6. mechanical jaundice;
7. Botkin's disease / viral hepatitis (hepatitis epidemica);
8. acute and chronic cholecystitis;
9. dyskinesia of the biliary system of the hyperkinetic type;
10. purulent cholangitis;
11. disorders of motor function of the gastro-intestinal tract;
12. spastic and non-specific ulcerative colitis;
13. acute and chronic hepatitis;
14. fatty tissue dystrophy of the liver (hepar adiposum);
15. liver cirrhosis;
16. toxic liver dystrophy;
17. massive liver necrosis;
18. hepatopathies;
19. hepatomegaly;
20. acute, chronic and recurrent (painful form) pancreatitis.

N.B. The presence of stenosis of the pylorus is not a contra-indication to therapy in the case of peptic, duodenal or gastro-duodenal ulcers if the diagnosis of an oncological disease is excluded. Treatment may be started as a complex therapy with the use of medications such as H2-blockers and antacids, only to transit to monotherapeutic information energetic therapy at a stage when the disease becomes easily treatable only with the latter.


1. neuritis;
2. neuralgias;
3. tunnel syndrome;
4. osteochondrosis of the vertebral column with a radicular syndrome;
5. radiculitis;
6. traumatic lesions of nerve endings;
7. lumbago;
8. lumbo-sacral radiculitis;
9. thoracic radiculitis;
10. vertebral insufficiency;
11. asthenic states of various etiologies;
12. neuroses of various etiologies;
13. astheno-neurotic syndrome;
14. depressive states of various etiologies.
15. Multiple sclerosis
16. Parkinson's disease
17. Cranial nerve disorders
18. Peripheric neuropathies
19. Chronic myopathies & muscular dystrophies
20. Other degenerative and inflammatory disorders of the nervous system.

Information energetic therapy provides with significant relief in cases of severe neurological disorders of the central nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease and others, thus basically predetermining the patient's life-style.

Information energetic therapy in the management of neuroses of different etiologies is much more effective and promising than the traditionally used acupuncture techniques. This is due to the fact that such patients have quite severe disorders in the vegetative nervous system and their pain threshold is very low. In such cases, the most effective way of acting upon the acupuncture points would be through a concentrated laser light beam, especially upon the auricular, scalp, cervical and footplant ones.

1. alcoholic delirium;
2. alcoholic abstinency syndrome;
3. chronic alcoholism;
4. narcomania;
5. toxicomania;
6. cigarette smoking.

In the treatment of alcoholism, narcomania and toxicomania, the most effective influence has been that of a concentrated informational irradiation upon acupuncture points: auricular and corporal, in which the result of the therapeutical process is the restoration of a formerly disordered vegetative homeostasis.

The sessions of information energetic therapy are directly carried out by doctors or by nurses under the formers' guidance.

For the information energetic influence to be effective, the skin should be clean. The patient should be informed before hand about the necessity of personal hygiene before starting the treatment course or any specific session.

The management of alcoholic delirium and alcoholic abstinency syndrome with the help of information energetic therapy should be obligatorily combined with detoxication therapy.

Information energetic therapy of auricular and corporal acupuncture points for chronic alcoholism should be performed parallelly with general fortifying therapy and vitaminotherapy.

1. lactational mastitis;
2. hypolactation;
3. functional disorders of the menstrual cycle at the reproductive age;
4. pelvic pain;
5. infertility - endocrine, tubo-perinatal;
6. salpingo-oophoritis - acute, subacute, chronic;
7. endometritis;
8. internal endometriosis;
9. hyperplastic diseases of the uterus;
10. retentional cysts of the ovaries;
11. myoma of the uterus;
12. juvenile bleeding from the uterus;
13. primary and secondary algomenorrhoea;
14. acute inflammatory diseases of internal genitalia;
15. prophylaxis and treatment of complications in the post-operative period - seromas, infiltrates in post-operative scars.
16. apoplexia of the ovary(ies).

1. male infertility;
2. chronic prostatitis;
3. cystitis;
4. urethritis;
5. non-specific orchitis;
6. acute and chronic epididimitis, orcho-epididimitis;
7. nephritis.

1. haemorrhoids;
2. proctitis;
3. paraproctitis;
4. herpes;
5. fissures of the anal canal;
6. anal pruritis.

1. dermatites;
2. dermatoses, including allergical ones;
3. neurodermatosis;
4. diffuse neurodermitis;
5. skin and joint forms of psoriasis;
6. recurrent herpes;
7. eczemas;
8. allergical vasculitis;
9. lichen ruber planus;
10. gangliolitis;
11. zonal sclerodermia;
12. scarring pemphigoitis;
13. simple verrucae;
14. condilomas;
15. hyperkeratosis;
16. xerotic obliterative balanopostitis;
17. papillomas and papillomatoses;
18. chronic ulcerative pyodermia;
19. furunculosis.

1. cardiac, liver and renal insufficiency at the stage of
decompensation or terminal stage;
2. some malignant tumours;
3. pregnancy;
4. certain blood diseases;
5. thyrotoxicosis? (no absolute contra-indications)
6. fever of unknown etiology? (no absolute contra-indications)

The number of contra-indications are constantly diminishing in accordance to the uniformly increasing experience in the field of information energetic therapy in clinical practice. One year ago there were twice as many contra-indications as now. Nevertheless, doctors are strictly advised to consider the above-mentioned list, thus observing the main principle of the Father of modern medicine, Hippocrates: "Noli nocere" meaning "Do no harm".

Many promising clinical investigations have long been started and are actually being carried out in the field of information energetic treatment of various tumours at the well-known Oncological Center of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Russian Federation, Moscow. Several western medical institutions are following on the same track of serious experiments in info-energetic medicine.

Bearing the Russian as well as world-wide experience of info-energetic medicine, the International Academy of Information Energy Medicine is at the "avant-garde" of this rapidly developing and promising field of medical sciences.
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