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Information Energy Medicine

The International Academy of Information Energy Medicine studies medicine which is oriented towards the correction of the info-energetic system of the human body by means of informational influence which could be called informational correction or  "reprogramming" of sub-cellular structures, cells, tissues, organs and systems so that the whole body starts functioning harmoniously once again, causing disease to regress until the latter's complete disappearance.

Actually, we are living in the age of informatics and it is high time for us to get conscious about the fact that the "Real Medicine of Tomorrow is Information Energy Medicine"!

Another fact is that we need this medicine of tomorrow already today! It means that we have to develop it very fast. It is not available today in full scale only because it has not been fully developed!

For example, day by day the number of patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, cancer and other diseases is increasing in spite of the availability of best means and services of modern and conventional medicine. Only in the USA, where there is one of the best systems of health care in the world, 8.7 million people are suffering from diabetes mellitus, 29.4 millions from arterial hypertension, and 50.4 millions from hypercholesterolaemia. 

These data are witnessing the fact that conventional medicine, based upon pharmacotherapy and surgery, has failed in its task to improve human health and is getting more and more helpless from one day to another in front of these catastrophic phenomena of disease growth in the world.

We are used to the so-called "usual" phenomenon of diseases' increase in man. However, we have to think that we have already long ago entered into a one-end road by making use only of pharmaceutical preparations and surgical interventions.

The question then arises whether we are really not able to do something better? If the number of various diseases is constantly rising, then why don't we start thinking that we need to improve not only the medical service network, but also the type of medical care being administered, partially or fully as needed. Therefore, it means we need to look for answers in other types of medicine, which could help decrease the number as well as the influence level of diseases. In this way, it would be possible to improve human life on Earth.

We will find answers as how to improve the health and life quality of people in modern information energy medicine. For example, when a computer does not work properly, most often it is not necessary to change a spare part (hardware) in it. Very often a small correction (inclusion or on-the-spot correction of a small information code) is done in a given programme (software) and the computer starts functioning properly. What has happened in fact? Everything is very simple! We have corrected a mistake in the work of the computer by inserting, as a rule, a given information code. 

The human organism functions in a similar way, though the degree of complexity of the integral functioning pf the living human being stands at a level much higher than the level of the most complicated computer!  It is possible to carry out information energetic corrections in the programme of the functioning organism so that mistakes of the latter's functioning could be repaired and diseae could be eliminated!

By working and studying information energy medicine with the help of ultra-modern medical technologies, mainly lasers and electromagnetic apparatuses, it is obvious that the Academy finds itself at the source of development of perspective methods of treatment, e.g. of diabetes mellitus, coronary artery diseases, cardiac arrhythmias, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid polyarthritis, impotence, various paralyses of the hemiplegia and tetraplegia types, diseases of the central nervous system, etc..

In principle, any disease could be treated if we would have enough information about it and about what should be done for the body to recover from it. 

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International Academy of Information Energy Medicine
The Future of Mankind Lies In Info-Energetic Bio-Reconstruction!