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FAQ about Diabetes Mellitus and Its Info-Energetic Laser Treatment
  1. Diabetes Mellitus is an hereditary disease. So it cannot be cured, as says and believes orthodox medicine. What is your opinion?

    Diabetes Mellitus (DM) WAS considered as an hereditary disease. Nowadays, the alimentary and environmental factors are playing a much bigger role than the hereditary factor in the onset of diabetes mellitus. This explains also why DM is having an epidemic character around the world, making more than 300 millions of diabetic people. Orthodox medicine says and believes "Diabetes Mellitus cannot be cured" without giving us proofs of why this disease cannot be cured. Medical students are taught by university or medical school professors that it is not possible to cure DM. These professors have themselves never researched into any possibilities of curing DM, but have only got into the habit of beieving what they have repeatedly heard from their own teachers and read from textbooks of medicine. Now, the medical students grow up into doctors with this firm belief in head that DM can never be cured. They might be very brilliant doctors in handling some medical cases, but they have never investigated into the possibilities of curing DM. They just blindly believe into this myth of incurability of DM.

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  2. But it is said that the pancreas cells which produce insulin are dead in case of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). What do you think about this?

    Who has given adequate scientific proof of this statement? Who has shown us that the insulin-producing pancreatic cells are really dead? It is all just a "pseudo-scientific" supposition as there are many others in medical sciences. In fact, even more precise sciences, such as mathematics and physics are also based upon suppositions. We always suppose and say "If... " whenever solving a problem in these sciences. These sciences help us to solve many problems, yet many others are left unsolved due to their inexactitudes and suppositions. Medicine is even a more perfect science insofaras 'inexactitude' is concerned. Hence, from here all our mistakes and miseries. The latest researches conducted by me over a period of 25 years show that insulin-producing pancreas cells are not all dead, but a good majority of them remains physiologically altered at various levels, and therefore, physiologically dormant too. With appropriate bio-stimulation, these altered and/or dormant pancreatic cells can be made to produce insulin once again. Furthermore, the human body can be stimulated in such a way together with the pancreas so as to cause regeneration of new and physiologically competent insulin-producing pancreatic cells. These new cells take over the physiological load of endogenous insulin production and thus effectively fight DM.

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