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VIP Laser Clinic - Mauritius
Director of the International Academy of Information Energy Medicine

"The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them". Sir William Henry Bragg (1862-1942), British physicist

Prof. Pretidev Ramdawon


M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.

Pretidev Ramdawon graduated in general medicine (MD) in 1986 from the Medical Faculty of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University (RPFU), Moscow.

After having completed his internship, he specialized in General Surgery (Clinical Ordinatura) at the same university under the expert guidance of two leading cardiac and general surgeons of that time, Prof. Fedor Nikolaevitch Romashov, Head of Department of Hospital Surgery and Prof. Konstantin Vasilyevitch Lapkin, Head of Department of Faculty Surgery. 

Prof. Vladimir Vladimirovitch Vinogradov, who held the Chair of Faculty Surgery, was Dr Ramdawon's first teacher of surgery and modelled and heavily influenced the latter's academic and professional life. 

Dr Ramdawon further specialized in Cardiovascular Surgery at the RPFU, and in 1991 at the age of 33 years he was awarded a Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Surgery and Pathologic Physiology as the result of joint clinical and experimental scientific research work at the Department of Pathologic Physiology, Medical Faculty, RPFU and the Division of Heart Surgery of the All-USSR Scientific Research Center of Surgery ("V-N-Tse-Kha"), USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow.

It should be noted that the All-USSR Scientific Research Center of Surgery has been the No. 1 Institution for Surgery in the whole ex-Soviet Union, whose director at that time was one of the greatest surgeons of all times, Academician Professor Boris Vasilyevitch Petrovskii, one of the chief mentors of Dr Ramdawon and who personally welcomed and recommended the latter to become a member of the International Association of Surgeons, Moscow.

Academician Professor Boris Vladimirovitch Konstantinov, a leading specialist in cardiovascular surgery of that time and Head of Division of Heart Surgery of the All-USSR Scientific Research Center of Surgery, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, played an outstanding role in the formation of Dr Ramdawon as a cardiovascular surgeon.

Professor Leonid Polikarpovitch Cherepenin, Head of Department of Congenital Heart Diseases, Division of Heart Surgery of the All-USSR Scientific Research Center of Surgery, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, played a very active role in the training of Dr Ramdawon as a cardiovascular surgeon as the latter's main objective to become a cardiac surgeon was especially to help children born with cardiovascular pathologies.

Acad. V. A. Frolov & Prof. P. Ramdawon

Academician Prof. V.A. Frolov & his student Prof. P. Ramdawon

Two mentors who played a determining role in the clinical and scientific research training of Dr Pretidev Ramdawon are Academician Prof. Victor Alekseevitch Frolov, Head of the Department of Pathologic Physiology and Dean of the Medical Faculty of Russian Peoples' Friendship University, and Prof. Veri Pavlovitch Kulik, Prof. of Normal Anatomy and Head of the Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Medical Faculty, RPFU.

At the age of 33 years, Dr Pretidev Ramdawon was appointed Leading Researcher (Vedushii Nauchnyi Sotrudnik) at the Medical Faculty, RPFU and at the age of 34 years -Associate Professor of Medicine. It is to be noted that at that time, the RPFU was rated amongst the two best universities of the ex-USSR.

In 1993, Dr Pretidev Ramdawon was awarded the topmost degree existing in sciences in the ex-USSR, i.e. the post-Ph.D. degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences (D.Sc. med.) as a result of his outstanding achievements in the field of cardiology and cardiac pathology. This degree is still the topmost one in the actual Russian Federation.

Dr Ramdawon further undertook post-graduate courses in laser medicine and microwave resonance therapy approved by the USSR Ministry of Health. The proofs of the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy in the treatment of many diseases, including cardiovascular ones, further determined the future professional path and life of Dr Ramdawon.

In 1994, Prof., Dr Pretidev Ramdawon returned to his native country, the paradise island Republic of Mauritius, found in the midst of the Indian Ocean, where in 1995, he opened his medical center then called "Center of Laser Energy Medicine". Since then, he is working hard to develop energy medicine in this center, where the major medical method used is laser energetic therapy.

Some of Prof., Dr Pretidev Ramdawon's various scientific activities and responsibilities are shown by the following :

  • President & Director of the International Academy of Information Energy Medicine;
  • Ex-Director, International Academy of Light Medicine (IALM), now converted to the International Academy of Information Energy Medicine;
  • Fellow, International Association of Surgeons (IAS);
  • Fellow, European Medical Laser Association;
  • Founding Member, International Academy for Laser Medicine & Surgery (IALMS);
  • Member, International Advisory Board, World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT).

Actually, Prof., Dr Pretidev Ramdawon is a consultant for a few laser-producing companies, with whose keen interest and scientific collaboration he is readily realizing the latest laser technologies, including the already existing Laser Light Bio-Activator 3000-7, the Laser Light Bio-Activator 3000-7-2, Laser Light Bio-Activator 3000-8-2 and the microlasers, including the Microlaser DM1 for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, which are the giants of tomorrow's medicine!

The supermicrolasers (SML 1) have been recently devised (2003) by Prof., Dr Ramdawon to further help diabetic patients as these devices are an upgraded version of the microlasers, and bring significant beneficial effects for recovery to patients during or after their therapy courses.

The latest generation of lasers known as "Intelligent Biofeedback Lasers" (IBL) has been devised by Prof., Dr Ramdawon (2004), according to whom this class of lasers show the highest level of efficacy ever obtained in laser therapy and medicine in general.

Finally, the International Center of Laser Info-Energetic Medicine (ICLIEM) in Mauritius is the prototype of a futuristic medical centre, which has been realized by Prof., Dr Pretidev Ramdawon for the integration and application of scientific and clinically highly effective methods of laser and other info-energetic therapies for practically all existing diseases.

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