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Info-Energetic Cardiology

Most of the cardiac diseases can be successfully treated with the information energetic technologies as per our wide experience in the field of information energetic cardiology since the 1980's.

Information energetic methods of treatment, show a very high level of efficacy. Now, with the introduction of the impressive information energetic technology, known as the Intelligent Biofeedback Energy System, many cardiac diseases can be treated with even more efficacy within shorter time periods.

The list of such cardio-vascular diseases include:
1. ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction);
2. arterial hypertension;
3. hypertensive heart disease;
4. acquired valvular heart diseases;
5. myocarditis;
6. rheumocarditis;
7. various cardiomyopathies;
8. myocardiodystrophies;
9. cardiac arrhythmias;
10. cardiac fibrillation (risk of sudden death);
11. cardiac insufficiency, etc.

Green laser light on the heart

Experimental and clinical works have shown the method of application of Intelligent Biofeedback Energy System (IBES)) to be highly effective in cardiological practice.

This is due to the following effects of the method:
1. improvement of micro-circulation in the myocardium;
2. increase in the number of mitochondria;
3. increase of activity of cardiac enzymes;
4. increase in the number of cardiomyocytes;
5. preservation of the ultra-structure of the cardiomyocytes;
6. increase in the intra-cellular regeneration of myocardial structures;
7. is anti-arrhythmic and anti-fibrillatory, etc.


It is of primordial importance to note that the application of Intelligent Biofeedback Energy System (IBES) in cardiological practice helps decrease the doses of nitrates and calcium antagonists by 2 - 4 times within 7 to 21 days, and B-blockers can be completely stopped already after only 3 - 10 sessions.

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