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Welcome to the International Academy of Information Energy Medicine
Human Info-Energetic System
The International Academy of Information Energy Medicine has the pleasure to welcome you to the wonderful universe of information energy medicine. 
The Academy regroups experts from all over the world working in various fields of medicine, such as laser medicine, light medicine, color therapy, bio-electrotherapy or bio-eletric pulsed therapy, millimeter wave (microwave) therapy, magnetic field therapy, digitalized homoeopathy, information medicine, energy medicine, information energy (info-energetic) medicine, etc.
Information Energy Medicine is the medicine of tomorrow.
However, information energy medicine is a medical field that has been existing since ancient times as regards normalizing dysfunctions using well-known healing methods like hand healing, auto-suggestive healing, healing with the help of natural factors like solar energy, water, wind/air, heat, cold (ice or snow), healing with Indian yogic postures (asanas)  and breathing (pranayama), healing in movement (Chinese taoist yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kwa, shamanic ceremonies), healing with medicinal plants and herbs (ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine, phytotherapy, naturopathy), healing with minerals and stones (mineralotherapy), healing with massage on body parts and pressure points (pressure point therapy/acupressure, ayurvedic massage, Chinese massage, Japanese massage  - shiatsu therapy, Thai massage), insertion of needles into specific points of the body to regulate energy flow and ease pain (acupuncture, marma therapy)  and even such methods as healing through prayers and distant healing have been well known to different healers at various periods of human history.
However, forgetting or neglecting the natural essence of their human existence as well as the famous doctrines of such giants in medicine like Hippocrates, Avicenna, Susruth, Hua To and a considerable number of other great doctors, healers and medical scientists who have preached the natural methods of the treatment (naturopathy), human beings have gone towards more commercialized medicine based only on pharmacotherapy and surgery.
Needless to say , pharmacotherapy has brought its own contributions into human life, helping to eliminate most serious infections and their epidemics; surgical operations have helped many to survive in cases where these people could have died. Yet pharmacotherapy and surgery have not proved to be self-sufficient - they have been giving many complications in so many cases and have even been helpless in so many other cases where people have died or lived with complications, including medicamentous inefficacy and side-effects as well as post-surgical invalidization.
After having understood that drug preparations always have harmful their side-effects and may even be helpless in cases of viral infections, e.g. AIDS, and surgical interventions are performed as a last resort when nothing else can help, the reasonable homo sapiens goes back to its natural source of existence in order to find its psycho-physical equilibrium and cure as well as prevent disease.
However, natural medicine today cannot ressemble that of stone age or medieval times. Our medicine should not only be highly curative but also highly preventive. Medicine can be natural by keeping its natural principles, yet it can, at the same time, use modern and "intelligent" high technological methods that heal our body organs and systems naturally, i.e. without side-effects, and with much higher efficacy.
However, natural medicine at high technological level is only possible when we start to better understand how our human body functions as well as the manifestation of universal natural laws within itself.
In this age of computer technology, it is high time for us to understand that our body functions due to one huge, complex and extraordinary network of information exchanges (body informatics) and energetic processes (body energetics). Consequently, we must obtain more information from different parts of our organism, process them and use them in the best way possible to cure ourselves. That is only possible with the maximal and efficient use of informational and energetic methods of diagnosis and treatment, hence the development of information energy medicine... cybernetic medicine.
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International Academy of Information Energy Medicine
The Future of Mankind Lies In Info-Energetic Bio-Reconstruction!